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GLORIA TAYLOR EDWARDS, D.C.J. - Author & Broadcast Journalist
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Gloria Taylor Edwards
Five-year Breast Cancer Survivor_2017



Welcome to my home on the Web. If you're on a continuous quest for information and 'HIGHER' knowledge, and you love good books, good music, and good conversation, then you've come to the right place. My current path in life allows me this wonderful opportunity to combine my passion for reading and writing with my radio journalist work.

For some lively discussions and enlightening dialogue, join me every Wednesday from 6 - 7pm Eastern Time. During broadcast time, click here:  LISTEN LIVE

What's on this web site:

  • 'ABOUT': featuring thought-provoking videos and information about at-risk children;
  • 'GLORIA the Scribe' : info on the books I've written; book reviews and literary profiles I've written for Examiner.com; and articles I've written on HubPages;
  • 'GLORIA ON WCLM' : my radio Bio and audio files of radio broadcasts; also on this page: information about my Women-on-Point monthly co-host, SHIRLEY T. BURKE (STBurke LTD), and show commentator TERRY DYSICK (Guidance, Inc.); and 'Healthy Mind...Healthy Body...Healthy Spirit', hosted by Shirley T Burke every third Wednesday at 6:00pm ET;
  • 'RADIO BOOK CLUB' : audio or video files of interviews with select Voices from the Drum (VFTD) Radio Book Club guests; book reviews & book trailers;
  • 'ARCHIVED VFTD SHOWS' : a roster of VFTD Radio Book Club interviewees;
  • 'LARIE!': vocal artist, LARIE`DONAILE EDWARDS, JR.;
  • 'LORA's PAGE: dedicated to my sister, LORA LOUISE TAYLOR BARNES (1/14/1964 - 3/20/2008); domestic violence awareness resource information;
  • 'RESOURCE LINKS': informational sources on an array of topics; and
  • 'CONTACT INFO & GUESTBOOK': my contact information and Guestbook

Gloria's video-pick for the month: THE WOLF IN YOU -- Which One Do You Feed? 

 This month's inspirational video: TERENCE TRENT D'ARBY - 'I'll Never Turn My Back On You'


This section is dedicated to missing and at-risk children


Track: 'DOES ANYBODY CARE' written and performed by R&B artist, LARIÉ

Video posted on YouTube by PolitiChicks PolitiChicks

Title: '5 Most Horrible Child Abusers'  --  'Viewer discretion advised'